• SUKIKUWA TECHO 2022 for overseas customers

SUKIKUWA TECHO 2022 for overseas customers

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This page is How to buy "SUKIKUWA TECHO" for overseas customers.
This page is not for purchase.

Please refer to the photo and contact us.

"お問合せ" means "inquiry".  Please click.

Please enter according to the procedure in the photo.

Regarding "本文" box, Please input some of your information.

1.  your address
2.  number of "SUKIKUWA TECHO" you need
3.  message for oookickooo

I will reply as soon as I confirm.

※Credit card payment only.
※Postage is customer burden.
※By law, some countries may not be able to ship.
※There is a limit to the amount that can be ordered at one time.
※JAN code is not given.

Please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your visiting.

Atsuko Kikuchi as oookickooo